The Dewey family | Lifestyle

Char works for the National Weather Service in Phoenix and I don’t know how she got lucky enough to marry a guy with the last name “Dewey” but that’s awesome in my nerdy weather book!

I’ve never met Char in person before, but we usually tweet back and forth all summer about weather, storm chasing and all that good monsoon stuff. I love all the people at the Phoenix NWS and she’s just one of those that rocks and does such an awesome job all summer long. I truly appreciate all the hard work they do there.

And she has such a beautiful little family. Hubby Josh and their little boy Jackson. I couldn’t get over this little dude. He just kept staring at the camera and pretty much let me take whatever picture I wanted! And his little expressions were priceless. Well, you’ll see them…especially the ones where he’s on dad’s shoulders pulling his hair out. Been there man.

Great finally meeting you guys!

  • Char

    WOW! These are great Mike. Thank you for capturing our family 🙂 And wouldn’t you know it, he took his first steps only 4 days later!

  • Chris DeAngelis

    What a cutie! Great work.

  • Jim Denham

    That’s some good stuff right there! What a handsome family and the boy is a gem!

  • Carole Peck

    Beautiful pictures of an incredible family!! (I’m a little partial 🙂

  • Jason

    Hahaha…that kid is awesome. Good stuff bro!

  • Karen Jackson

    I love this little guy sitting on the grassy field with the setting sun … wow!