The Rock

The Rock - Canon Beach - Haystack Rock

(please click to view on black // canon 5d mark ii, canon 17-40mm f/4 l, 17mm, f/16, iso 100, 0.4sec // buy print)

I am in Corvallis, Oregon for three days this week for my day job and was absolutely blessed with an opportunity to go to Cannon Beach on Monday before heading down south. It allowed me to witness one of the most breathtaking sights in America. At least…one of the most amazing places I’ve seen so far in my life.

Quickly though…it’s Movie Title Wednesday and the choice for this image was obvious. The Rock. Nic Cage. Sean Connery. Alcatraz. Yeah, it’s a crazy, over the top movie, but I loved it. It’s right up there with Con Air in my book. Good, fun, guy flicks.

This is Haystack Rock, as if you didn’t know. It’s one of the more iconic locations in the United States. It’s very shape is usually enough for people to know what they are looking at.

What’s amazing to me…is that no photograph I’ve seen does it justice. Much like the Grand Canyon…you can’t look at a photo of these places and get any real idea of the real scope of them. You have to be there. You have to see it with your own eyes. You walk up to it and it just towers over you. Birds fly around at the top and they feel so far away.

It was a 90 minute or so drive to get there from Portland, and then it was a three hour drive to Corvallis after sunset, and I didn’t get to my hotel until 11:30 last night and I’m paying for it today.

But I wouldn’t have missed seeing that place for the world. I was hoping for some gorgeous sunset color, but then again…you know me…dark, moody…stormy…that’s my kind of weather!

As I said above, but in case you missed it…please click on the image to view on black…it’s also shrinks it to fit your monitor and is the actual size of the exported image, and thus looks more accurate!

  • Brian Furbush

    Dig. Super moody, would love to get there.

  • Rick Louie

    This is one of those places where I don’t think I’ve seen a bad rendition. This is a great take on this beautiful rock. I hope to get up there this year.

  • Rich Williams

    I’ve been waiting for this shot! Love the mood, and the reflection is a nice bonus.

  • Jesse

    Dark and moody, I dig.

  • Timm

    MIke great pic love the massiveness of the rock. ConAir is one of my favorite movies must be in the family.

  • Justin


  • Chris DeAngelis

    Love the mood! Great shot my friend!

  • Capnschwartz

    For some reason I hear you saying “the Rock” in a Sean Connery voice

  • David Latour

    That is just a great shot.

  • Dave DiCello

    Awesome captured here Mike! I agree, what an over the top movie, but you can help but watch it when it’s on! Love the shot here man, awesome choice to go B&W

  • Chandra Miller

    One of my favorite places in the whole world!