Jessica and Mason grew up together in a small town called Parker in the state of Colorado. They’ve known each other forever. They’ve been dating for 11 years. And it was time to make it official.

Being from a small town, they had a lot of the same friends, especially from a super young age. So of course it warranted a massive wedding party. And an 8400 square foot vacation home where they all stayed before the wedding and even after. I can’t even imagine how much fun that must have been for all of them. The party of the year for sure.

Jessica and Mason insisted that everyone just have a blast…from their friends and families all the way down to the vendors. Their wedding party was still in the pool swimming just hours before go time. The soon-to-be-newlyweds were writing their vows moments before it started. It was one of the more relaxed weddings I’ve ever shot.

The food and event coordination was done by Heidi’s Events and they were fantastic. There was music by a live band called Young Country and what can you say about them other than they rock??? They dragged Jessica and Mason out on the floor to sing bits of Sweet Caroline and it was hilarious. I think Mason got so into it he jumped and kicked my camera!

Also huge thanks to Chris Frailey for second shooting and being there all day.

Mason and Jessica…thanks so much for hiring me and being such amazing clients and people. Had such a killer time with you both at the engagement shoot and then at the wedding. I wish you guys the best of luck and cannot wait to see where you go from here!

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