Welcome to the world baby Nathan

I’ve photographed a handful of newborn babies now and I always, always have fun. But this little dude was something extra special.

Nathan was born just under two weeks ago to a mom who was young and not in a great position to care for her baby. She arrived at the hospital in labor and decided to place him for adoption.

Some of you may know my wife and I have also been in the process of trying to adopt ever since this summer. In going through the classes to become certified for adoption, we met some absolutely amazing people. We had a class every Tuesday for seven-weeks and thus we got to know everyone pretty well. Once the class was over, we’d still get together for dinners and other things.

One of the couples in that class were Ben and Alisha. And they were the ones who got the phone call that this little baby needed a home.

Can you imagine going about your Thursday, not expecting much other than the ordinary routine, and then the phone rings, someone says we have a baby for you TODAY…and we need to you to make a drive down to Tucson. Today.

One day no baby, the next day…baby.

I know myself, my wife and the rest of our little group from those adoption classes are overjoyed and thrilled that Ben and Alisha became Nathan’s parents. And there was absolutely no way I wasn’t going to make my way over there to photograph this baby. I had a blast hanging with them on Monday morning, meeting grandma, but also just checking out this amazing, beautiful little man. He was so calm, so quiet…so peaceful.

Until he pooped of course, then all hey broke loose *grin*

Oh, and I can’t forget meeting Moose and Otto. Two very cute dogs…Moose had eyes that could guilt you into doing anything for him.

Congrats again Alisha and Ben…so happy for you guys and thanks for letting me take a few pictures of baby Nathan!

(You can scroll down through the photos, or click on the one below to start a manual slideshow with a nice, black background)

  • http://axphotography.wordpress.com/ Scott Ackerman

    Great set bud. These are all great. A lot of emotion in these shots.

  • http://goldenhourstudios.com Jesse

    Absolutely beautiful work my friend. This is art.

  • http://diamonds-photos.com David Latour

    Great work. What kind of lights did you use?

  • http://www.mikeolbinski.com Mike

    @ David – The sun 🙂

    Thanks everyone, means a lot!

  • http://adventuresinpointingandshooting.wordpress.com Eden

    Spectacular shots Mike, and what a wonderful story!

  • jina

    What a sweet family this is. Congrats Ben & Alisha… we couldn’t be happier for you guys.

  • http://scottwyden.com Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    Cute baby and amazing photos 🙂

  • http://catchthejiffy.com Adam Allegro

    Beautiful work. Just breathtaking. I was grinning ear to ear with every shot. Well done Mike.

  • Libby Heeren

    You got a tear from me. So wonderful for the happy new mom and dad! Wonderful photos, well done.

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  • http://thedeweymess.blogspot.com Char

    Gosh I can’t look at these or read the blurb without tears. So special. Congrats to the family! Adoption is amazing.