Danger Ahead

August 26th began out southeast of Globe where me and the kiddos purposely ran into my buddy John Sirlin so they could see Aspen whom they just love! We watched some distant storms there, then drove through Safford as more storms pounded that area. We raced south and then eventually ended up at Marsh Station exit for what would be one of the best shows of the summer. We sat at this overpass for over an hour, watched a stunning, super orange sunset, and lightning striking all to our west…which was ideal haha. The colors, the bolts, the light trails from the passing traffic…it all lined up for such an amazing evening.

Ran into Lori Grace Bailey there as well and we all were going bonkers of course! Love nights like this!

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  1. […] Danger Ahead – Mike Olbinski is well known for his work in the field of storm chasing, being featured on various news TV channels and other major media outlets time and time again for some of the iconic images he captures. This shot is a great example of this, taken from an overpass this picture features light trails from moving cars for a great feel of artistic tension and the incredible lightning bolts in the distance as the storm rages on. […]

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