I’ve never seen a meaner, nastier dust storm. Unbelievably low/zero visibility for miles and miles. These are long exposures and you can see the movement in them. The first image was taken at Vekol Avenue and Interstate 8. It was incredible at that point when we weren’t sure what we were dealing with to suddenly see a huge wall of dust headed our way. At this place where I took the last two photos (east of Gila Bend), the wind speeds were approaching 80mph according to reports. That is Gila Bend on the left on the very last image and they had a wind gust after this hit of over 90mph!  Had no time to time-lapse it as it was moving too fast to get enough frames.

When the wall of dust moved over us, it was like it had a defined edge it was so dense. It hit us, we packed up quickly and it STILL took us 30 minutes to get back out in front.  Gave up trying to stay ahead once we hit Tacna, AZ. We were stuck in zero visibility for 20 minutes and no end in sight. Absolutely insane night. Other than in 2011, never chased anything like this. Or more appropriately, BEEN chased by something like this. And reports this morning are that the dust storm went well into California. Unbelievable.





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