My first night in Twachiyanda, Zambia…which was July 17th…I started kicking the soccer ball around with some local kids and then we all walked over to a nearby field to start a legit game.

After I took this, I joined the action. And at some point the ball was down the field away from me and I stopped for a second to soak it all in. Here I was…in Africa. Out in the middle of nowhere. I mean, it took hours on a “paved” road and then a dirt road with no signs telling us how to get to our destination. You just had to know.

I looked around…beautiful little children running and playing, laughing and smiling…the sun setting like a giant orange globe on the horizon…and I got tears in my eyes.

I was half a world away from my family, playing soccer with kids in Africa at sunset. It’s a moment I wont ever forget.

This is just a single frame of hundreds and hundreds of images from Zambia over the last 11 days. I can’t wait to share them in the coming weeks.

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