I’ve been waiting for my first legit dust storm or haboob to roll across the Arizona deserts this summer and it finally happened yesterday, July 10th.

The day before I leave for Africa for 10 days. A beautiful send-off if you ask me!

I had been a bit further south on Indian Route 15 through the Tohono O’odham nation a bit earlier trying to get in front of a cell with a large hail core, when I looked east and saw the wall of dust in the distance.

I raced back to the north-northeast and setup on a hillside I knew. The hardest part when timelapsing a dust storm is figuring out WHERE it’s going. I took awhile and even switched locations, but still it appears the nastiest parts fly off to the left. Regardless, we got hit with the full brunt of the dust storm and it was a beautiful one at that. Being able to get up high, in the desert, and start timelapsing the haboob when it was so far away was pefection.

Shot on a Canon 5d Mark II with a Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 and 2-second intervals.

Now I’m off to Zambia, take care!

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