The moment I met these two I knew this would be a special, special wedding. I think it was when Brian told me he was a monk for three years and when it came time to decide if he wanted to commit further to it, he instead came home to the girl waiting for him…Emma.

I mean…when he left for Europe to become a monk…that was when Emma realized how much she loved him. And they waited three years for each other. How do you not get all misty-eyed over that?

We had so much fun on their engagement shoot, I just knew the wedding day would be amazing. They are both such beautiful people, so genuinely happy and in love…it makes our jobs as photographers easy. The day started off at the parent’s houses in Tempe, both sides having lived next to each other for a very long time. The ceremony took place at Mount Carmel church right down the road and after that they whisked 250+ people to downtown Phoenix and the gorgeous Icehouse.

Seems like I rarely get more than 20-30 minutes for portraits these days, so it was so much fun to hang with the wedding party and then Emma and Brian for quite a long time. We took pictures all over the Icehouse and the outside areas, including some nearby train tracks. I was in awe of Emma’s dress with real rhinestones and also the wheat grass bouquets…so unique and fun.

I loved, loved, loved being a part of Emma and Brian’s wedding. These are special people, surrounded by families who have incredible love and support for them both. It was truly a blessing to witness everything.

I’d like to thank my good friend Heath O’Fee for helping me shoot this wedding while he was in town and doing an outstanding job. If you need a photographer up in Canada (and Calgary specifically), drop him a note.  I kinda love that dude.  Also to Riette from The Icehouse for being great to work with and keeping us in the loop with what was going on!

Mainly though to Emma and Brian for trusting me to capture their day. You guys are an amazing couple and I cannot wait to see what happens with you both! Hope you had fun at whatever beach you went to (inside joke)!

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