An isolated thunderstorm at sunset

This was one of the more amazing sights I’ve seen so far this year. Kind of reminds of the other “dying monsoon sunset” timelapse I posted back at the start of the season. An isolated, decaying thunderstorm right at sunset.

Everyone was talking about this one last night. You could see it for miles and miles. What made it majestic, kind of like the other one, is that there were no steering winds, so the storm built up and feel apart without really moving. I always find that utterly spectacular for some reason.

Hope you enjoy. Thanks to Luke Neumann for providing the background music.

Shot this from Gilbert Road and the Salt River. Here’s another shot of it with a wider lens. Click on it for the full effect.



  • Luke Neumann

    Just beautiful! What gear were you using?

  • Bryan Snider

    Dude this is just sick! Great job!

  • Brian Furbush

    Just spectacular dude, gorgeous timelapse.

  • Karen


  • Kris Koeller

    Well done timelapse. Curious what aperture setting you used to avoid flicker. A great collection of stills as well. Nice work.

  • Yee

    This is positively breathtaking. Well done!