I knew about 10 minutes into my first meeting with Dan and Stephanie that I wanted to shoot their wedding. They were so happy, so full of life and so excited to get married. I knew instantly that I loved these two people, what they believed in and what this new beginning meant for both of them.

Not to mention how cute they are. She’s a graphic designer and he’s been doing commercials and such for over 20 years. They certainly made the shoot easy on me!

We started off the day by hitting some areas of downtown Phoenix that were new to me, and then finished up over by South Mountain. Dan just had to get some shots with the Harley in it and I couldn’t have been more happy about it. The thing is a beast, he got it all detailed before the shoot and it shined like it was brand new.

Had an awesome time guys, can’t wait for the wedding in May! Going to be epic fun!

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