Lower Grand Falls

Below the Grand Falls

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This will likely be the last image from this past April’s annual trip to Grand Falls, Arizona. I’ve held onto it long enough, figured it was time to just post the thing. I’m sure some of you photogs who post daily photos can relate to hoarding some of your favorites for a rainy day.

If you follow my work at all, then you know about Grand Falls in the northern portions of this state located on Navajo land. It only flows from snow melt or flash floods due to massive monsoon storms. It’s one of those places that most people in Arizona have never heard of, including myself up until a few years ago. It’s not advertised, there are no signs, no parking lot, no gift shop. It’s just there.

And I like it that way.

Seeing a place like this in Arizona is something special. We don’t have many waterfalls, but this is our Niagara. In fact, from top to bottom, it’s taller than Niagara.

We last visited on April 2nd, my buddies Rick, Ken, Chris and then a bunch of other people showed up late in the day, like my wife, daughter and some other friends. This was taken at the bottom of the falls as the sun was beginning to the disappear behind me. I wanted to get a shot with the light shining off the falls before I hiked back up in time for the sunset (a shot you can see here).

There is not much else I can say about this place. You really have to see it in person.

(canon 5d mark ii, tamron 17-35mm 2.8, 17mm, f/22, iso 100)



  • http://www.chrisnitz.com Chris Nitz

    Splendid shot, Mike! Love the lighting and rush of water coming right at you.

  • http://hdrexposedphotography.com Dave DiCello

    The lighting on the side of the mountain is just perfect Mike! Your POV really puts you in the scene, I love it!

  • http://axphotography.wordpress.com/ Scott Ackerman

    Love the tan tones in this one man, especially in the water. Way to get low on the POV as well! You’ve added this as a must see to my AZ photo stops.

  • http://www.edithlevyphotography.com Edith Levy

    MIke this is an absolutely beautiful shot. I love the light.

  • Eje Gustafsson

    WOW.. absolutely stunning.Not sure if it inspires me or just demoralizes me. This is one of those pictures that I wish was mine. Brilliant.

  • http://www.brianfurbush.com/blog Brian Furbush

    That’s a badass shot dude. Not sure I’d want to get down in that water to shoot given it’s tone, but I love the photo.

  • http://goldenhourstudios.com Jesse

    A majestic shot. Love the flow of water and power presented in the frame.

  • http://www.cdeangelisphotography.com/ Chris DeAngelis

    Love the speed of the water and how you captured the falls while they were lit by the golden light! I will never tire of images from here! What a beautiful place! I may have to stop there on my move cross country next spring!

  • http://www.myblueheaven.com Scott Wood

    Love the detail you got out of the water.

  • http://www.hansrico.com Rick Louie

    That’s a lot of run off! You can feel the power of the waterfall!

  • http://www.chrisfrailey.com Chris Frailey

    I can still hear that sound of that water. Nice one Mike.

  • http://scottwyden.com Scott Wyden Kivowitz

    Stunning processing, love the water and the sun’s cast

  • http://www.doephotog.com A.Barlow

    Nice sense of power in the water from this shot. Good job man!

  • http://www.curtfleenor.com Curt Fleenor

    Wicked shot Mike! Love the lighting and that water crazy!

  • http://www.lightasmagic.com Justin

    I was looking forward to this view.

  • http://www.stevebeal.com Steve Beal

    Fantastic! I love that light hitting the back wall.