My 2011 stormchasing trip in 7 minutes

(To view this video in HD, click right here to go to Vimeo…a lot better quality.

I had a different post set for today, but the clouds this morning and the humid-ish area has me excited for the monsoon season here in Arizona which could make an appearance as early as tomorrow!

I finally finished working on the video from my stormchasing trip back on May 9-11. Most of the video I shot was kind of boring since the a lot of the trip turned out to be a bust, but I put together the best clips I had. I think you’ll enjoy the lightning show the most…the second clip is pretty incredible in terms of the non-stop nature of the flashes. I apologize for my silly voiceovers!

All the video was shot with the 5D Mark II and I have to say, it was awesome. Next year when I do this though, I’ll bring along a 70-200mm. Being able to zoom around like that would have been nice, especially for some of the distant lightning.

Below are two images I captured along the way. The first one has a radio/cell/TV (whatever) antenna in it and I’ve always wanted to get a good lightning shot with one of these in the frame. Not the best lightning, but still fun!

The second one was shot after the final lightning clip in the video. As I’ve said before, I love up-close lightning that fills the frame, but there is something cool about seeing the entire cloud from far away.

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  1. Chris Nitz
    Chris Nitz says:

    Loved the lighting you snagged. It amazes me how spectacular the clouds always look when they are lit up by a giant bolt of lighting. Crazy good stuff man. Thanks for putting the video together.

  2. Scott Ackerman
    Scott Ackerman says:

    Good summary bud. Sorry that last day didn’t materialize. We should have had us some pretty sweet storm structure that day. One of the bigger busts I can remember with so much hype. You’ll get ya some next year.

  3. Hans
    Hans says:

    That’s pretty cool! I’ve been thinking about heading out east to do some storm chasing here in Colorado. I’ll need to do some reading up. Love the photos and time-lapse.

  4. Chris DeAngelis
    Chris DeAngelis says:

    Great video Mike! Thanks for sharing! Your stills are outstanding here too! Love the one with the antenna/radio tower! Can’t wait to shoot some Pensacola storms next year!

  5. Gavin
    Gavin says:

    Awesome shots Mike and some nice inspiration as well. I’m in Johannesburg, South Africa, and during the summer seasons we get some hectic lightning storms, maybe not as hectic as out there, but hectic in some sense. This inspired me to grab some shots when it starts up again. Thanks for the share.

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