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Chase the Central Plains with Mike

Every year from April through June, the storms across the Central United States come alive in the form of motherships and tornadoes. They are the storms people want to see, from all over the world. They come from far and wide, every country, anyone who is hungry to see these behemoth supercells march across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and even as far north as Montana. Below this section is a little gallery sampling of what we’ve seen the past few year.

These tours are very limited, just 3 guests, myself and a go-anywhere mentality. We leave from Denver and return to Denver, although sometimes we can be fluid and drop people off wherever, or even add an extra day if needed and you want to stay.

Please note…this is a tour, not a workshop. While I definitely WILL and CAN help with photography questions, I’ll also be focused on chasing, doing my own time-lapse/photography work, shooting video and also lots of other decision making. Guests are along for the ride, to experience what it’s like and to get any photos they can! We definitely have great chats on our long car rides, and I love sharing what I do, but sometimes chasing gets exhausting and your mind needs to rest!

And a note about driving. There is A LOT of driving. Some days we will drive just to get in position for the following day. We may go from Kansas to North Dakota in two days. We go where the best storms will be, so be prepared for that! We recommend guests be confident they can sit for long periods of time, and also get into and out of a 4×4 truck with relative ease.

Upcoming Tours

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May 4-10, 2024 — 2 of 3 spots available

May 16-May 22, 2024 — 0 of 3 spots available

May 29-June 4, 2024 — 0 of 3 spots available

June 9-15, 2024 — 0 of 3 spots available

Tour Details

The price: $4000

  • Guests arrive in Denver the day before the tour start date, earlier in the day to give us flexibility.
  • We leave from Denver the morning of the tour start date (or the day before if need be), which could be very early, like 2am. Just depends on where we need to get to that day
  • Our chase will take us all over the plains from southern Texas to Montana if need be.
  • The last day we chase will be the final tour date, and we’ll drive back to Denver overnight if possible.
  • Your return flight should be late on day AFTER the final tour date
  • For people who want to possibly join early or stay a few days after if the storms look good, I do ala carte pricing of $500 per day. You may want to book your flights earlier than your start date and later than the end date in case you want to stay longer.

What’s included

  • All vehicle expenses, gas, etc.
  • Seeing storms, having a blast and hopefully learning a little along the way

What’s not included in the fee

  • Lodging
  • Meals

Hotels will be the biggest expense for you on the trip. Personally I look for cheap, clean places, even Motel 6’s if the ratings are good. But adventure is half the fun of these trips and finding those little dingy, awesome motels if part of the fun!I generally like to book all the rooms myself on the Priceline app where we get decent deals. I usually invoice guests at the end of the tour for all room costs.

If you want to sign up, go to the form below, choose the correct workshop/tour, fill out the info and hit send!

Other Notes

  • There could potentially be other parties following us if need be, like film crews for various productions.

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