Lost//Discovered: Time-lapse

Back in mid-January, my buddies Jason Williams, Andrew Fleming and Jay Worsley joined me for a road trip through Arizona in a rented motorhome. We dubbed the trip “LOST//DISCOVERED” to embrace the idea that we were getting away from our daily, hectic lives and finding something we’d misplaced…whatever it was. Our love of nature, our creativity, a bond with God…

We get so wrapped up in our jobs, kids, families and lives in general…trips like this are ways to experience something different. Something new. To discover who we are. Build friendships. Clear your head. Re-energize.

This road trip was roughly 1300 miles through essentially the top-right quarter of Arizona. We headed north early one morning to photograph sunrise at Sunset Point, and then from there the trip was on. We hit Grand Falls, Horseshoe Bend, Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly and the White Mountains.

This short film is just a look back at that trip and what we saw. Being the storm-chaser that I am, it was incredibly awesome to capture a winter storm front rolling around eastern Arizona. In fact, it almost looked like a dust storm rolling in…thus we kept yelling out “SNOWBOOB!” because of just the incredible sight of it. I personally have never witnessed something like that.

Hope you enjoy this quick look at our trip and the places we saw.

And on March 9th, Jay Worsley will release his own film from the trip…which is a beautiful, 16-minute documentary style story about what we discovered along the way.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 2nd), we’ll be having a release party for Jay’s film and you can find out more info here.

Photographed on: Canon 5D III’s, various lenses, Dynamic Perception Stage Zero.
Music: KINGS by Ryan Taubert (through The Music Bed)

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  • http://www.TheSentimentalMama.com Brianne Geiger

    Still one of my favorites Mr. Mike… love it.

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