This end of week is pretty interesting for me…I’ll be speaking at Creative Mornings at the Phoenix Art Museum on Friday morning and then at the Phoenix Camera Club on Saturday night!

Both of the topics will be storm chasing of course…the Creative Morning talk will be background on myself plus a day-in-the-life kind of thing, especially one of the bigger days at the end of the season. At the Phoenix Camera Club I’ll just be doing and overall talk about who I am, how I got into storm chasing and what I’ve done with it.

To register for Creative Mornings and see more information, go right here. Phoenix Camera Club information can be found here.

Never would have guessed I’d grow to like talking in front of people as much as I have, but it’s a lot more about WHAT I get to talk about I’m sure. Sharing my passion about storm chasing is always fun for me and I love the reactions from people on some of the photos and time-lapses I’ve shot.


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