A barrage of lightning over Phoenix

The amount of times I’ve stacked lightning images to create one mega-photograph can be counted on a single hand. And this is the first time I’ve ever posted one.

I was never a fan of stacked lightning shots until I saw an amazing one by Dan Ransom and then Justin Terveen’s image from Dallas. Suddenly I was like…okay, they CAN be interested in the right context.

For me personally…this image is the result of all the individual shots being kind of boring. I’d never post one by itself because it lacked awesomeness.

But together…they kind of show you the power of a monsoon thunderstorm. This is a stack of 12 images over the course of 10 minutes. Looking north from 7th street near McDowell.


  • http://www.murphyz.co.uk murphyz

    This, and the two you linked to, are all awesome images. I think a storm trip has to be on my agenda in the next few years! Great work.

  • Jeff Welker

    Wonderful image Mike. I really like how the bottom of the cloud layer is slightly illuminated; especially on the right side of the image. Well done sir.

    Are you using some type of ‘trigger’ to capture these individual strikes or are you simply leaving the shutter open and hoping to catch a bolt?

  • http://www.newcityphx.com Brian Kruckenberg

    nice work…love the mountains silhouetted in the background.

  • http://mattgranz.zenfolio.com Matt

    The context is perfect and so is the image.

  • http://digitalslrreviewer.com Michael

    The stacked effect of this is amazing. It gives you a real visual insight into the power of a lightning storm seeing it before you like this.

  • Cap’n Schwartz

    THAT… Is friggen AWESOME

  • http://goldenhourstudios.com Jesse

    Absolutely amazing, Mike. The strike far right is incredible.

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