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April, 2020: With the way things are in the world right now, these Virtual Workshops are the best way to gain some much needed knowledge while keeping safe at home.

Virtual Workshops are a nice, easy way to get some of your questions answered and be able to specify exactly what you’d like to learn and have it tailored to your needs.

How it Works:

  • We will schedule a block of time or multiple blocks in a row based on availability
  • Blocks of time come in 1-hour increments
  • $200 per block or $500 per three blocks
  • Workshops will be conducted via Zoom Conferencing
  • Workshops will be recorded and delivered to you for future use

When signing up, please let me know what you are interested in learning about photography! See below for suggested subjects:

Workshop Subjects:

  • Using your Camera
  • Basics of photography: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, etc
  • Landscape/storm/lightning photography
  • Editing/Photoshop/Lightroom
  • Time-lapse/editing/processing/LR Timelapse/After Effects/Premiere Pro
  • Backing up your work
  • Gear, lenses, tools, etc

If you want to sign up, fill out the form below, let me know what you are wanting to learn and how much time you want to book!

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Use the form below to register for this virtual workshop, or to even ask questions first! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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