The Carusone family

I love, love, love referrals and so I want to thank my friends Joel and Kim for passing my name on to the Carusone family! We met up Sunday in Tempe to get some updated family photos.

Although…we were supposed to have met up a few weeks prior, but suddenly there was a massive triathalon going on that day, so we had to reschedule. Dena loves this area around the Tempe Center for the Arts and really wanted to have their photos taken with it as the backdrop.

Had a blast with these guys. The three brothers, Erik, Logan and and Evan, of course didn’t want to get pictures taken. I mean, they are high school boys. Soooo many other fun things to be doing. But they were great sports, eventually started having fun… and one of them even found a fake mustache laying around that somehow ended up in a few of our photos. I did feel at times that I was shooting a boy band or something…such sharp looking dudes! As were mom and dad of course.

This also marked the first ever photoshoot where I got to talk about fantasy football while we were walking around! Thanks to dad James for sharing in a bit of my misery going into the playoffs.

And thanks to the whole family for letting me hang out with you guys and snap some frames. Hope you had fun and enjoy the photos!

Jessica and John

There is a beautiful story behind this photoshoot, one that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s not my story to tell though, but all you need to know is that these two kids have some amazing friends in their lives who care about them big time.

Jessica and John are brother & sister, graduating the same year, but definitely not twins. John had to “go and be an overachiever” Jessica said, so he skipped a grade and hence they got to do their senior portraits together on the same day. You can tell they are totally close anyways, so I don’t think they’d have it any other way.

On Monday evening we wandered around downtown Phoenix to various spots that I love, just hanging, posing and talking about goofy stuff. Mostly I took away from them that Captain America is a great film and I need to see it! Will do guys!

At the end of the shoot we grabbed the Mini Cooper they drove over in and snapped a couple of shots. Sadly they are selling the thing, so we wanted to grab some memories of it before it’s gone.

Thanks guys for braving the 108 degrees with me and for being a blast to hang out with!

Scott, Karen, Ryan and Megan

Back many years ago, we attended Hope Covenant Church for a bit of time. We made some friends there, connected with people on Facebook, etc. Fast-forward to this past fall and a family that we knew there wanted some family portraits done, so we visited downtown Gilbert and got some shots. Then a second Hope family, a group of musicians, hit me up as well.

Well, Scott, Karen, Ryan and Megan make the third family from that church to come out and do a shoot with me. I’m so totally grateful for all of these people and the way they’ve passed my name around to each other and recommended me to their friends. It means a lot and I always get excited to photograph the awesome people from Hope.

Scott is a worship pastor at the church, so we wanted to get some shots with him and his two guitars (one of them a beautifully old Gibson handed down to him from his grandfather), not to mention all the normal family photos. Ryan loves basketball so we got a few there and Megan enjoys her hats and volleyball.

A totally fun family and we had a great time rushing around a few of my favorite places in downtown Phoenix.


I LOVE this last one: