Roman + Marlo | Wedding

You know the old story…girl walks into a Starbucks. Boy walks into a Starbucks. They order lattes, hands bump as they both grab for a stirrer and the rest is history.

Actually, I don’t know if it went down EXACTLY like that, but I do know they met in a Starbucks and ended up getting married a few weekends ago at the San Tan Elegante. You’ll see all the little Starbucks cups they handed out to all the guests, such a great idea!

Had such a fun time with these two and their families. We started off with some getting ready shots at the Elegante, and then wandered over to a nearby spot I know for their first look and some photos of Marlo and Roman, plus the wedding party. I just LOVE the orange grove we found, even if we did get kicked out after a few minutes *grin*

The ceremony was awesome. They had a classical guitarist. Roman had to fight back tears. Marlo too.  A great cocktail hour with a sweet band, and then a pretty killer DJ.

A huge congratulations to Roman and Marlo. You could just see the love they had for each other, and how much their friends and family were behind them. An amazing sight to see!

Special thanks to Jeff Ambrose for killing it as my second shooter. Couldn’t ask for a better guy to help you.

Hats off to Daniel Tukenoff, the guitarist (check him out!) and to April from the San Tan Elegante for all her help!

A frame from Marlo and Roman’s wedding

Marlo and Roman got married on Saturday afternoon. Here’s one from an amazing orange grove we found nearby.

Jennifer + Haseeb

Haseeb and Jennifer have had a number of weddings this year and I was lucky enough to shoot the final one! If that didn’t make sense, read on.

Haseeb is from Pakistan. Jennifer went to the same high school I did, but we don’t believe we ever met. However, her maid of honor, Audra, was a great friend of mine back in those days so it was just AWESOME to get to see her again after all these many years.

Jennifer and Haseeb were married in a small religion ceremony here in the States earlier this year, and then traveled to Pakistan for three weeks to experience a wedding that makes the ones over here look like child’s play. I believe it lasted three days and she told me there were 3-4 photographers the entire time! I remember my wedding day and after 5-6 hours, I was exhausted. Three days? Wow…that would have been something amazing to experience.

Fast forward to July 16th and the newlyweds had a wedding over here for all the friends and family that couldn’t make the trip to Pakistan. Had a blast getting to know these two. We didn’t get a ton of time in for portraits, but we did our best. It was miserable 111 degrees out that day as well, so it made matters ever tougher.

But we had an awesome time. The wedding was at the San Tan Elegante over in Gilbert and the cake topper and boutonnieres  were of the “steampunk” theme which I thought was fantastic. I posted a few shots of their cake already. Towards the end of the reception, the couple disappeared and returned in the same garb they wore over in Pakistan for that wedding. Was flat-out awesome.

Thanks to Jennifer and Haseeb for having me photograph their big day, and thanks to Rick Young for second shooting with me as always. And also to the great people at San Tan Elegente, who were helpful and great the whole night.