Introducing: Limited Edition and Matted Prints

This is something I’ve been working on for a long time now. I’ve done a lot of thinking, planning, testing and designing to finally reach this point and I couldn’t be more excited. It feels a bit risky, but nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

So I’ve been less than excited with the way I sell my prints up until now. Canvas that wasn’t the greatest quality. Prints you could buy online and get shipped directly to your house. I never see it. A floppy print with nothing signed and most importantly to me…nothing special. There is nothing wrong with that of course. Sometimes you just want a print so you can do what you want with it.

But for me…I want better. I want people to purchase my work and receive amazing quality. Beautiful paper. Classic matting. Signed. A story. Something…special.

I’m not going to lie. This is kind of a big move for me. A gamble. I’m not entirely sure how it’s going to play out. But I’m going for it. I’m incredibly proud of the work I’ve done in the last few years and I feel like this is the right direction.

What I’m doing is nothing new. Plenty of artists do limited editions on their work. But this is new to me and I’m looking forward to where it takes me. And for works that aren’t limited edition, I’m also upping my standard of quality. When you buy a print from me, you are getting something worth the money.

Online Gallery

Before I get into the limited edition stuff, I want to point you in the right direction to see my entire online gallery. Click right here to visit. Things have been reorganized, renamed and added. There is now a Limited Edition gallery and The Storm Gallery. I’ve moved some of my favorite and most popular storm images into The Storm Gallery for easy viewing. The other galleries are self-explanatory. Every gallery (except for the limit edition gallery) allows you to purchase either these new matted prints or metal prints. Okay, now on to the good stuff.

Limited Edition Prints

Below is the first limited edition print that I’m offering. There will be only 50 sold and that’s it. One of my favorite lightning photos of all-time will be retired and available only for commercial licensing and art gallery displays.

The title of the print is Purple Rain. It is a 16×24 print mounted on gatorboard, which is then mounted on 20×30 pure white matting. The print itself is gorgeous Polyflex protected with a laminate coating. Black and white photos will be on Deep Matte paper. Prints are made to order and inspected before being shipped on to the purchaser. Heck, I’m even using white gloves to avoid any fingerprints or dirt during handling. Each print comes signed with an informational label on the back with edition number, title, story and more. And finally an official Certificate of Authenticity is included, which is numbered, signed and dated. Everyone who purchases one of these will have their names entered into a register so that the original owner of the print is always known. The print is ready for framing.

It should be noted that I’ve already sold the first printing of Purple Rain so there are only 49 left. You can buy it right here. If you have any questions about these prints, please email me here:  me AT or visit my Contact page.

The plan at this moment is to release a new limited edition print every few months. All of this will evolve and change over time. The quantity released, the dimensions, the pricing…all of that will vary. Since this is the first official launch, I want to see how it goes and adjust accordingly.

2012_untitled shoot_7688


Matted Prints

Matted Prints will essentially be the same as the Limited Editions, but of course…they wont be limited. They wont be numbered. No certificate. But they will be available for any photograph in my current gallery. These prints will still be made to order, signed and have a short informational label on the back.

Again they are of the upmost quality, beautiful colors, mounted and matted, ready for framing.

These prints will be in various sizes. Right now there is a 16×24 (20×30 matted) and also a 12×12 (16×16 matted) print for my Square Collection. If you are looking for something a bit more custom, you can definitely hit me up and we’ll work it through. I’ll be adding new ones as this moves forward.

I’m super excited about these. Whoever purchases one will be getting a high-quality, gorgeous piece for their home or office. They are so heads and shoulders better than any paper print I’ve sold before.

That’s it!

As I said above…this is something I’m so very pumped to debut. Mostly though, I’m so excited to be able to offer something above and beyond the normal photographic print. I was trying to go for a more art gallery/museum level of quality and I feel like I’ve accomplished that.

I will continue to look for ways to improve upon this product and find even better methods in the future.

Thank you!




My work displayed at the Gallery 225

I’ve been holding it in since the end of 2010, but it’s time to finally announce a nice little milestone for me.

During one of my booths I did down at the Gilbert Farmer’s Market right before Christmas, I was told that a lady named Mary Ellen was interested in my work and that she ran a gallery across the street in historic downtown Gilbert.

I walked over there, met her and she told me to ring her back in January or February when things slowed down.

Well, the rest, as they say, is history.

Last weekend I delivered 18 prints to the Gallery 225 and 8 of them are hanging on the wall, which you can see in the photo at the bottom of this post. I printed a few in metallic, there are mostly 12x18s but a couple of big 20x30s. The unframed prints are in the bin below the hanging art.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. I did a showing at First Friday last year, but this is the first time I’ve had anything for sale in an actual art gallery. The idea that someone liked my work enough to ask me to be a part of their gallery is incredibly humbling and absolutely a confirmation about what I’m doing.

The work will hang up there for at least four months (probably a lot longer) and hopefully we’ll sell enough that we’ll rotate in some new prints!

Special thanks to Jessa Koppenhofer who runs the Gilbert Farmer’s Market for making the connection. Can’t thank you enough for everything you do for the people at your market.

And of course, thanks to Mary Ellen for loving my work enough to have it in your awesome gallery!

So if you live on that side of town (or don’t), go check it out! The Gallery 225 is right across the street from Liberty Market and The Farm.  

An early farewell to 2010

If I had known I was going to end up posing for a self-portrait against this wall, I probably would have worn a hoody or something more ghetto looking to fit the scene better. But sometimes you just happen upon a place where you are inspired to do something and you just go with what you got. I haven’t done a SP for awhile now, but there was awesomeness in this wall and the graffiti and for some inexplicable reason, I knew I had to stand in front of it.

That’s kind of how the year has gone for me in general. Going with my gut, finding shots on the fly during a busy storm chasing season and winging it when it comes to my portrait business. I’m not a planner…I tend to hate planning, I don’t write down goals and rarely strategize. I have visions in my head of things I want, but nothing down on paper. But that needs to change.

I’m on vacation from my “real job” until January 4th and during that time I will likely not be posting much on the blog (if at all) and will be instead focus on three things: Spending time with my girls, catching up on movies and TV and planning my 2011 strategy for the photog business. I may get so bored and so excited about an image that I’ll have to post it, but otherwise, I’m on vacation from the blog as well *grin*

There is no doubt that 2010 was an incredible year. In many ways it was Year One, despite having started some of the portrait work back in late 2009. So much happened. My mission to storm chase all over Arizona and then publish a book ended up coming true (okay, I guess I do have SOME goals). I was counting on doing more photoshoots for people and that really boomed the last few months. I’ve been a part of a gallery, a few farmer’s markets, got into Shutterbug magazine and have sold over 25 prints in the last 12 months. And one of those prints endedup in a performing arts show in Canada! I’m so very proud of that.

But likely my favorite part of the last year are the relationships I’ve formed along the way. Of course I love the people, the families, the kids, the horses, the new parents, the new babies, the newly engaged, the-about-to-be-married…all the clients that have had me take photos for them. I’m beyond appreciative of all of that. I thank you for your trust. I thank you for telling your friends about me. And I hope to see you again next year.

The largest impact on me personally this year has been the bonds I’ve formed with my fellow warriors behind the shutter. My buddy Dee at work and all our conversations, Rick who taught me how to use an off-camera flash correctly and Brian M, one of the very best guys I know who is a constant help, inspiration and friend (I seriously owe you a few beers man). And to all my Twitter peeps like Heath, Dave, Oscar, Phil, Pat, Jim, Bob, Jacob, Jacques, Jay, Chris (F and L), Scott (Wood, Wyden and Frederick), Steve, Doug, Viveca, Jon, James, Mark, Stefanie, Jesse, Justin, Tobias, Tim and others. I know that since I mentioned a bunch of names that I’ll miss someone, but I appreciate you all.

Some photographers keep all their secrets to themselves and don’t want to help others. Not these guys. They share in the struggle and would rather help those facing the same problems then to just sit and watch a guy drown himself without tossing out a life line. A few even bought prints from me and a few more bought copies of my book. Thank you guys for your unbelievable generosity.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Facebook, because I have a ton of supporters on there, too many to name. Needless to say, I love all the comments and all the kind words from you guys…some of the things you guys tell me about my work is incredibly humbling and confidence boosting. Again, thank you.

And of course, never last, never least, Jina. You are, as always, the reason I ever succeed at anything. You know this. I know this. Thank you.

So what is coming in 2011? I’m not sure yet, that’s what the break is mostly going to determine. I do know that I will be changing up my portrait photography business model to a more standard format. I’ve used the last year as practice and I’m ready to go to the next level. I will be taking a 4-5 day trip to the midwest this spring for some stormchasing, so expect something awesome to come from that. Depending on how busy the portrait business gets, I will be doing more stormchasing in Arizona during the summer months and will probably do another book.

My other big goal is to start teaching people about HDR photography. I always have photographers asking how to do it and that they’d be interested in a workshop. So I’m going to make it happen…hopefully in a few months we’ll get together a first attempt at one and see how it goes. I’m super excited about it, nothing is more fun that teaching what you love to people who want to learn.

If you are interested in those workshops, let me know. Also, if you’d like to see something else from me, please ask!

Mostly I want to keep doing what I’m doing. While I’m going to plan strategy and goals moving forward, I think my best strength is to stick to being me. I think most of us struggle with confidence and the desire to always be “as good at this other guy”…when in reality, we need to trust in our own vision and our own ideas. It’s good to aim high, but don’t sell yourself short. People are going to be drawn to you because of YOU, not necessarily because of what your photos look like (although having good images can’t hurt, right? *grin*).

Speaking of a lack of planning or strategy, this blog post wasn’t even an idea until last night, so here I’ve gone on rambling for an eternity. I’m going to skip the Happy Holidays mumbo-jumbo and just wish you all a Merry Christmas like the good Lord intended. And a Happy New Year. I’m sure I’ll still be all over Twitter and Facebook, looking at other photogs work and interacting, but I’m honestly looking forward to a little bit of a recharge and some relaxation. And relaxing to me is getting up at 6:30am in stormy weather and driving around downtown Phoenix.

Also rewatching the entire Firefly series on Blu-Ray (thanks Jina!) and catching up on the Event, Chuck, Dexter and Boardwalk Empire.

A few of us will be out shooting over the break, so if you are interested in an early morning downtown Phoenix photowalk, let me know!