Jina | Maternity

We didn’t do maternity photos back when Jina was pregnant with Lyla, mainly because I wasn’t into photography at the time. It just wasn’t something we thought about doing.

This time around is different though. Not only because I’m a photographer now and she’s having a baby, so of course 1 +1 = 2. But it’s the fact that we’re having a baby at all that’s the miracle in all of this. I wont go into the long story of infertility and all that, but our impending baby boy is a huge blessing and a monumental surprise. And Jina wanted to capture this moment in our lives because of what it all means to our not-so-little family.

So we ventured out a few weeks ago and took some photos. Also his name is going to be Asher and we can’t wait to meet him.

















One | Jina

This is my wife Jina…pregnant with our surprise baby boy who will be named Asher Henry. He’s due September 15th! We took some photos last Friday evening and while it was overcast most of the afternoon, we scored 15 minutes of sunshine right before it disappeared below the horizon.

I’m a lucky man. She’s never looked more beautiful.


A little triptych from Makale’s maternity shoot

There are so many things you can do with photos that I have yet had a chance to explore. Taking pictures snapped at a photoshoot and then organizing them into diptychs and triptychs is just one of those things that I’ve wanted to try but haven’t had a chance.

I put two of these together for Makale last night as I was throwing her pictures onto a DVD. A triptych in essence is just a three paneled/sectioned work of art. I think you definitely have to learn how images mesh and compliment each other, so I thank my wonderful wife Jina for helping me skip some of the first few versions until I found a few that seemed to work.

As I said, I keep experimenting with new techniques and styles, so I’m not sure where this will lead, but I’d love to be able to offer them in some form down the road, perhaps photobooks or whatever.

Sneak peak: Makale’s maternity shoot

A beautiful couple, a baby girl on the way and Joe’s Farm Grill were the perfect ingredients for a little pre-baby photoshoot yesterday evening. Makale and Terrence invited me to photograph their baby shower a few weeks ago and last night I was lucky enough to help them create a few more memories of baby Giuliana before she enters this world.

We ended up with a lot of good shots from the shoot last night and I’m still going through them, but I just had to post this one. Most guys get a little uncomfortable when it comes to being romantic and all lovey-dovey during shoots (I remember being that way the first time Jina and I did one), but he was a trooper and did everything asked of him and more.

To me, this shot kind of shows the anticipation a soon-to-be father might have…that anxious and sometimes scary uncertainty. I definitely felt that way.