A frame from Marlo and Roman’s wedding

Marlo and Roman got married on Saturday afternoon. Here’s one from an amazing orange grove we found nearby.

Photoshoot: Zane and Rhiannon

Zane and Rhiannon…a fun shoot out at one of my favorite places in the world, Joe’s Farm Grill. It’s tough to not want to use this place for every photoshoot I do, but it’s so beautiful. The old buildings, that wagon, the St. Augustine grass, the grape vine archway…I’m in love with it.

Thanks to these two kids and daddy Nate for letting me capture a few memories for you guys and hopefully mommy loves her birthday present!

The slideshow is just a few of my favorites from the shoot, ended up with a ton to choose from!

A sweet Ford GT

During the maternity photoshoot last week, the father-to-be noticed this sweet Ford GT drive up and we ended up finding it a bit later on our walk-around at Joe’s Farm Grill. I don’t know much about cars at all (that’s probably an understatement too), so I didn’t even realize Ford made a sweet looking ride like this. I tried to explain to Terrence the beauty of HDR photography and what a picture of this car might look like once I was done processing it…and then I realized how trying to explain HDR to a non-photog is almost like explaining what I do for a living to someone…so I just told him it would be SWEEEET!

I wish the car in the background wasn’t there and I PROBABLY could have tried content awareness to get rid of it, but it doesn’t always work out like advertised, so I just left it in.

According to Wikipedia, it’s probably kind of lucky to see one considering they were only made from 2004-06 and there are only 4,038 in the world.

Vespa at The Coffee Shop

One of the places I visit every Thursday morning with a few buddies is called The Coffee Shop, located near Joe’s Farm Grill on Higley and Ray. They have good coffee and seriously yummy breakfasts and it’s a perfect place for a guy’s weekly meet up to discuss anything from new iPads to what the heck is happening on Lost to things going on in our lives.

The spot tends to draw cool vehicles from time to time, including this Aston Martin Vantage which I photographed last year.

Some pretty snazzy Vespas show up from time to time, this one appeared to have some scratches, dings and could have used a wash, but I liked the “ambiance” around it so I snapped off a few brackets before heading in for breakfast.

Photographing around Joe's Farm Grill

Most Friday evenings you can find us at Joe’s Farm Grill for dinner. On Fridays they have their special Fish Fry, which I absolutely love, so it’s usually the day we go. Of course, it’s our favorite place to eat, especially this time of year, so we can sometimes even end up there more than once a week. *grin*

One of the attractions of JFG is the location and the picturesque nature of the surroundings. Someone much better than me could probably find hundreds of things to photograph. Still, on Friday after dinner, we walked around the area and I took pictures of whatever I thought was interesting and ended up with the photo below.

This is also the place where we had photos taken of Lyla and us last year.

Hope you guys enjoy these shots from around Joes!

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