Julie + Aaron | Wedding | Jerome

The longer I’ve been married, the more of a sap I become…and the more and more I photograph weddings, the more I wonder if I’ll ever get through one without getting all weepy.

Aaron’s dad gave a toast. All about how his son told him one day that he wanted to be a teacher. And dad said that’s not a good idea son, there is no money in that. Try something else. But Aaron said no, I’m going to do it anyways. And Aaron became an amazing teacher. He met Julie because he’s a teacher. And just over a week ago they got married up in Jerome.

Dad finished his toast by telling his son that he had been wrong. Not only was he crazy proud of the man he had become…he also knew if he hadn’t followed his dream, then he probably never would have met Julie.

Yeah, that got to me. Tears in the ol’ eyes.

Julie and Aaron are such an amazing couple and I couldn’t possibly be happier for them. They picked the beautiful Surgeon’s House B&B up in Jerome for the venue, and it was so rad. The owner’s name is Andrea and she’s pretty selective about who she allows to get married at her place. So you knew she saw the same thing I did with these guys. A fantastic, intimate little space…highly recommend it.

Huge thanks to Aaron and Julie for being so much fun, re-introducing me to Jerome and for inviting me to capture their big day!

And of course, thank you to my cohort Jeff Ambrose for joining me, and sleeping for most of the drive up there.  I totally did not take a picture of him sleeping and post it on Twitter. Okay, I did.



Sneak Peek | Aaron + Julie | Wedding

I know Aaron and Julie are vacationing in Sausalito…so I wanted to drop just a handful of some of my favorites from their wedding so they can check ’em out when they’re done exploring Muir Woods, or whatever is on the agenda today!

Had such a blast…amazing time, and an absolutely beautiful venue! Thanks to my buddy Jeff Ambrose for helping me take pictures. He’s good and stuff.

Becki & Steve | Engagement | Jerome

I met Becki a few years ago when I was shooting her company’s annual holiday party. She and her friends were a hoot and made the night a lot of fun for me! Sneaking me free drink coupons (which I really didn’t use, but appreciated) and then goofing off during photobooth time. Then I was invited back to shoot last year’s party as well. And that’s where I not only got to see Becki again, but meet her coworker/friend Steve who was visiting from California. They seemed to be a date, even though Becki said they weren’t.

So it wasn’t a surprise at all when she told me earlier this year that they got engaged. I knew right away that I wanted to shoot their wedding no matter what. If you happen to be friends with them on Facebook, you’ll know what I mean. Their public banter back and forth leaves me in stitches most nights.

The engagement shoot was no different. In fact at one point I wondered aloud if they’d already been married for ten years, because the slams and witty retorts were fantastic. I see it as a good sign for these two…they are beyond happy and completely and utterly meant for each other. I think you’ll see that from these photos.

We met up in Jerome and started taking pictures in this hidden away, overgrown courtyard where a local walked by and told us to be careful because of rattlesnakes. We didn’t stay there too long, even if the only thing we fought off were giant grasshoppers.

Here is where Steve is lagging because he took an iPhone photo of some discarded tighty-whiteys….

One | Julie + Aaron | Wedding

They had a french toast wedding cake. Yes…it was everything it sounds like and more.

Congrats to Julie and Aaron on a beautiful, intimate wedding up in Jerome yesterday! Can’t wait to share more images from the day!