A gust front sunset over the Rincon Mountains

Sunset over the Rincons
(please click to view on black // canon 5d mark ii, canon 16-35mm f/2.8 l, iso 400, f/5.0, 1/100th, 10-image stitch // buy print)

Sometimes the only way to capture an amazing scene is with many, many photos. This is a 10-image stitch of a gust front moving over the Rincon Mountains and Benson area on July 27th.

You can make out the gust front as it curves from the right side of the photo, to the left and then back towards the mountains and to the right again. That is basically an outflow/gust front boundary and as it moved across in front of us. This kind of thing is pretty awesome to see in general, but toss in an amazing sunset and it becomes 100 times better!

I was trying to take photos of it and realized one wide angle, 16mm wouldn’t at all capture it completely. So I went vertical and took 10 shots from left to right.

A Colorado gust front

(please click to view on black // canon 5d mark ii, rokinon 14mm 2.8, iso400, 1/250th // buy print)

Gust fronts are pretty cool to see. What you see in the photo above is akin to a tidal wave that has passed over you, heading for somewhere else. That hard edge is the front and all the creepy clouds behind it are in its wake.

These are also known as outflow boundaries, which is what we see A TON of here in Arizona during the summers. Except ours usually include a giant wall of dust to go with it. Out on the Colorado plains, there was some dust, but mostly you just had crazy strong winds and a wicked sky.

My wife Jina loved this image and picked up on something I didn’t…the juxtaposition of the green wheat and the dead field on the other side of the road.  I was there, so it didn’t stand out to me as much as the clouds did. I find it hilarious what I can miss in my own images…God bless my wife.

Not too long ago I picked up a cheap-o Rokinon 14mm manual focus lens to use for timelapsing while stormchasing this summer. With an extra body now for weddings, I’d like to be able to timelapse and take normal photos with two wide angle lenses at the same time. Shouldn’t have sold the old Tamron 17-35, but I did when I bought the Canon 17-40.

Anyways, since this lens is not only manual focus, but also a manual aperture, I don’t remember what f-stop I was at for this! But regardless, I love the lens…so crazy wide, it’s going to be a lot of fun.