Rachel + Nick | Engagement | Flagstaff

Engagement season is in full force. And no one wants to take pictures in Phoenix this time of year because yeah, it’s still kind of hot. Who wants to smooch when it’s 107 out? So a few weeks ago I was up in Jerome, and this one was Flagstaff. I have a few more this coming weekend and I believe Sedona and somewhere else outside of Phoenix are on the docket.

I met up with Rachel and Nick at the Lumberyard Brewing Company just over a week ago. Such an awesome couple, I can’t believe their wedding isn’t until next MAY! Seems so far off, but good things to those who wait right?

After a couple of beers, we headed out to walk around the historic downtown areas of Flagstaff and then headed up Humphrey’s Peak to a little spot I found thanks to the help of my buddy Jeff and also Google Maps. You’d never know from the road that a gorgeous little pond existed beyond the trees.

So here are some of the pics…these two looked amazing and we had such a fun time!

They wanted a pictures like this one below and amazingly we got lucky enough to have a train come by. I applaud their ability to smooch with a massive train rushing by only a few feet away!

Had to snap a shot of this dude…I mean…wow.

I really have to thank these two for being willing to walk through the trees to this gorgeous view of western Arizona. Probably one of my most favorite spots I’ve ever found.

Here is where the champagne bottle popped open all by itself and Rachel got blasted. I think Nick and I were laughing, poor Rachel wasn’t as much. I believe champagne stings pretty hard core if it hits you in the eyes like that 🙂 She was a trooper though.

Yeah. This pond. That tree. That bench. That sunset. Couldn’t have hoped for anything better.

Sneak Peek: Dee and Iulia {phoenix engagement photographer}

If there is ever anything that is distracting at work, it’s when I pass by Dee’s office. The guy is a fantastic landscape photographer and we could probably spend most days just talking about our cameras, lenses, experiences, good news, bad news, etc. I dare you to check out his image from the Palouse in Washington and not stare in awe at that spectacular landscape (see it here, 2nd from left bottom row). Dee was one of the photographers showing with me down at the Day Twelve Gallery for First Friday.

He recently became engaged to a wonderful woman named Iulia and they asked for some photos to use for invitations and whatnot, so we met in downtown Phoenix to get some images.

The top photo…well, I asked them to do a little smooch for a couple of shots and they got a bit carried away, which was awesome. I think I had to say “Alright guys, calm down…let’s just relax, afterall, I’m still here.

They were awesome fun and all smiles the entire time. In fact, anytime I asked for a serious pose, it was a struggle.

Thanks guys for letting me do this for you and cannot wait until the big wedding day!