Chrystal + Patrick | Wedding | Park City

I looked up some old emails and realized that I first met Pat and Chrystal almost an entire year ago. We had lunch together last August 17th at Maize’s to talk about their wedding, photography and to just get to know each other. I have my mom to thank for the referral, since at the time, they all worked for the same company. It started off with a wedding planned in downtown Phoenix, but ended up in Park City, Utah.

I remember they took me to lunch one day to tell me about not only a venue change, but an entire state change. When they first said the news, I figured they were letting me down easy, that they’d found someone up there to shoot their wedding. But that wasn’t the case. They wanted to know if I’d be willing to travel to Park City. I was probably pretty controlled on the outside, but inside I was flipping for joy. Of course I would!

I knew immediately that these two would be fun. When we did their engagement shoot in November, I honestly couldn’t take a bad photo because all they did was smile, laugh and have a good time. Everything with them has been easy…almost like we’re old friends just hanging out.  And that is exactly how their wedding was just over a week ago.

This was my second time shooting a wedding outside of Arizona and I was so excited I could barely sleep the night before. I mean…the wedding was up on the side of a mountain that you could only access by a 15-minute gondola ride! How awesome is that? And the ceremony itself was set on top of a 25-foot wide bridge that spanned a running creek. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been been lucky enough to photograph.

But standing out from everything else were these two people who you could tell not only genuinely loved each other, but had family and friends who were right behind them. This sign you saw as you walked into the ceremony kind of said it all:

“As two families become one, we ask that you choose a seat, not a side.”

Everything about the day was amazing. Loved being a part of this one and I am not sure when I’ve had a more fun time. Thank you guys for allowing me to shoot this wedding for you and for being so supportive of my work. Even if Pat says he didn’t cry during the ceremony, I know for a fact that I would have lost that bet *grin*

Special thanks to Briana for helping me shoot this wedding. She was amazing to hang out with all day and definitely made it more fun! She’s based in Salt Lake City if anyone needs a photographer up there. And also to the entire staff at the Red Pine Lodge, especially Kasey, for organizing an awesome wedding. DJ Jake Russell was also fantastic if you need some music at your wedding up in Utah.

Enough of me talking…please enjoy the story of Pat and Chrystal’s wedding…I know it will be one I never forget.


Below reaction came seconds after the DJ announced “last song”…priceless.

Venue: Canyons Ski Resort-Red Pine Lodge Park City, UT
Food/Beverage: Canyon’s Ski Resort Park City, UT-Breyn McCormick-Food and Beverage Manager
Décor: Productions by Canyons-Kasey Aune-Event Director
Hair/Make-up Stylist: Ellie McBroom
Photography: Mike Olbinski
Cupcake/Cake: One Sweet Slice Park City, UT
Dress: Lillian Lottie Scottsdale, AZ

Pat & Crystal | First Look | Park City Wedding

I love these two and it was such a blessing to be able to be a part of their day. A handful now…you know the whole wedding story post is coming later.

One from Pat and Chrystal’s wedding | Park City

Sooooo many images from this beautiful wedding I was blessed to photograph for Pat and Chrystal up in Park City, Utah over the weekend. I cannot wait to share them all, I had the most awesome time hanging with them and their families. I’m just so happy for these two.

Here’s one of Chrystal…no words to describe how epic she looked all day. Beaming, happy, smiling…and beautiful.

(click on the image for the best viewing)

Pat and Chrystal Wedding Park City Utah