On January 1st, 2022…I was blessed with an opportunity to photograph the Fiesta Bowl, as an assistant to my buddy Mark Rebilas. He’s a legendary sports photographer, his work has been everywhere, on about every magazine, and to watch him work was incredible. I’ve never been so tired after an event though, carrying two cameras with giant lenses on them for four hours, running back and forth along the sidelines…and doing about 4 miles worth of movement was draining.

But it was such a blast, such an amazing experience. I had some friends there who are crazy OSU fans, so being able to photograph the game, and then even grab some pics of them in the stands at the end, was so fantastic. Not to mention that OSU won 37-35, after being down 28-7…sure made the game tense and exciting.

I’ve never shot something like this before, so thanks to Mark for loaning me a huge Canon 1Dx along with a 300mm lens and 1.4 extender. And probably he’d only include like 4-5 of these shots, but since this was my first time, I’m including a bunch of favorites 🙂

Hope you enjoy something different!

Thank you again Mark!

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