Well my final monsoon workshop of the summer was utterly fantastic. Two haboobs, tons of lightning and cool storms, and it couldn’t possibly have been more fantastic to have Karen Wright and Paula Corrette-Fay along for it. Two sweet ladies, they endured late nights, little sleep, crazy dust and windy conditions. Not to mention nerve-racking close lightning on one occasion 🙂 And now that she saw my storm chaser diet that includes quite a few McDonald’s cheeseburgers, Paula is worried about my diet

But big-time thanks to Ruth Montgomery for letting me use her house for both my workshops this summer…she’s the sweetest woman I know, cooks such amazing food and takes care of all of us. I’m so thankful to be her friend and have her in my life!

This photo was taken two nights ago which turned out to be our last chase. Karen really wanted to see a haboob and it was fantastic to be able to deliver on that because the past few years have been slow on that front.

This was looking towards Maricopa and vicinity along I-8. The northern edge of the storm looked a lot more defined than the stuff rolling down the interstate, so we stopped to time-lapse that direction and to take some pics. Gorgeous sunset light and a wonderful haboob.

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