I don’t do a lot of straight landscape photography these days as my time is spent between storms, weddings and family…but my annual road trip with my pals is when I get to stretch my muscles a bit.

Watson Falls, Oregon. This was a beautiful place and I did my best to channel guys like Peter Coskun, Michael Shainblum and Mike Mezeul II. I worked hard to get into this spot that was sorta right over the river as much as possible. I wanted to get those rocks with the small flowers and hanging grass, plus try to get the water rushing underneath me.

I love how it turned out, but it was a difficult shot. The misty spray from the falls was brutal, and I wanted to shoot this at f/22 to get a longer exposure and sharpness throughout, but the waterspots were horrible. I dropped to f/6.3 and they disappeared! So this is a blend of the two shots, mainly to get the smoothness in the water running in the foreground.

Hope you enjoy this little break from storms!

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