Three bolts strike in the hills north of where Highway 90 crosses the Pecos River.

I’m in Colorado right now chasing the plains this week for what is likely my last trip this year. It’s been a grueling spring, missed out on some great days, but hoping this week ends up being an awesome finish. No words can express how amazing Jina has been the last few months, supporting me in every way, even though there have been hard days she’s had to get through with me away from home (including this week as well). I love you Jina. I was on a mission this spring to do the best I could out here, which is tough when you live in Phoenix and have other responsibilities. But I’m proud of what I’ve captured so far and perhaps this week will be the icing on the cake!

Oh, and this photo was shot in extreme south Texas right over the Pecos River where it crossed Highway 90. An amazing view and fun to experience it with my tour guests Sarah Al Sayegh, Brad Girard and Mike DeVos. Simple 13 second exposure and three great bolts!

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