Yesterday we said goodbye to Charlie. We took some photos beforehand though, just to capture all of us together one last time. I remember my dad having to do this with our dogs when I was a kid, but it’s sure different being on the other end now. Explaining to my own children about what was going on what heartbreaking. Lyla took it the hardest, she has such a sweet and caring heart…we knew she’d have trouble with it.

She seemed fine just a month or two ago. Sure, she’d been deaf for awhile and was slower, but she still wagged her tail, came out to see us when we got home and would play with us when I’d chase the kids around the house. But suddenly she stopped eating, lost a ton of weight, started looking sad all the time and had a hard time standing up. Yesterday before we left, I tried to get her to play with me just one last time…and she walked into the house instead. She was ready. Old, tired and wanting rest. So hard to see your beloved, almost 14-year old companion, deteriorate so quickly.

Jina and I took her to the vet and I held her head in my hands as she drifted off to sleep. It was so peaceful.  Tears were plentiful. Gonna miss you Charlie ol’ girl. You were the best of dogs.

We took a few of these photos on Sunday morning and a couple yesterday. This first one was Lyla and Charlie just before we left for the vet. It’s gut-wrenching to see her face, the sadness, the grief. I’m torn because it makes me cry looking at it, but it’s quite possibly the best photo I’ve ever taken.









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