The last few years I’ve gotten away from posting really short movies, especially if they are from a single day of chasing. I instead want to gather as much footage as I can for a time and then make a longer film. The exceptions are when it’s an AMAZING day and I just have to post something…like the Booker Supercell back in 2013.

Or…like today. A quick winter storm chase isn’t something I’ll be using in my annual plains film or my monsoon film. So normally it would just sit on my hard drive not ever being seen unless I put a few clips together in a super short little film. Which is what I did here.

March 2nd, 2015. This was an awesome day for being early in the year and in Arizona. Fantastic clouds, tons of motion in the sky, weak shelf fronts, beautiful landscapes…it was a perfect day. I’d been needing something like this for awhile, just to tide me over until spring on the plains and this summer here.

Hope you enjoy this quickie film.

Music / Palladio by Kerry Muzzey

Tech: Canon 5D Mark III, Rokinon 14mm, 24mm, 35mm and 85mm (Recently purchased the last three Rokinon lenses listed here since they have manual aperture rings. I hate remembering to lens twist!)

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