Words cannot describe what it’s like to be published in Arizona Highways. Even people who don’t live in Arizona have heard about this magazine. It’s historic. It’s been around forever. I grew up looking at these amazing photographs and gorgeous landscapes because of course my dad had a subscription.

I’ve made it into the magazine twice before this current August issue. Once for their centennial issue with my July 5th haboob image and then a random bridge photo I took in Two Guns, AZ made it into the back of their magazine’s “Where in Arizona is this? feature. I’m proud of those of course (very proud), but my dust storm photo was so popular, everyone wanted it…and the bridge isn’t the kind of photography I’m truly passionate about. I’ve wanted so badly to be a part of this magazine with the things I love. Lightning. Storms.

To make it into the magazine with my storm imagery and it not be a viral haboob photo…was my dream. It would prove to myself that I’m legit. 

So this blows my mind. I knew they’d be using two of my photos, but I didn’t know exactly how. Two images, both of them spanning two pages. I’m tearing up just writing about this and looking at the magazine. I’ve had a lot of good things happen in recent years, some of them people might think would top this by a long shot. But they don’t.

This is what I’ve strived for. This is real to me. I feel like I’ve made it. And now I only want to get better and someday get that coveted cover photo.

Thanks to Jeff Kida at Arizona Highways for choosing my photos for this issue, it means the world to me man.

(not only that, but I’m on the official Arizona Highways Prints website now where you can order prints out of the magazine! Amazing! http://store.magazineprints.com/august-2014-c172.aspx)




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