This past weekend I was joined by two buddies on a whirlwind trip to Death Valley. We left on Friday morning at 4am and returned Sunday evening back to Phoenix. We essentially had from just before sunset on Friday until Sunday morning to take pictures.

I would have loved to have 10 days there, to capture all kinds of angles and spots, but I did what I could with the time I had! As it is, these clips were taken at Race Track Playa (and the nearby campground), the salt flats near Badwater Basin and also Devil’s Golf Course.

This was also a practice run with some new gadgets I have. Namely an eMotimo TB3 Black and a Stage Zero system from Dynamic Perception. I have also been practicing with the Promote Control more, because while it’s many times a pain in the butt to get to work right, the smoothness of the ramping is impressive.

I encountered lots of issues on this trip…namely realizing with the old firmware I had, the Promote Control just couldn’t get me what I wanted with shorter intervals, like 5 seconds. I just upgraded to the 3.00 firmware this week and NOW I see that I can kind of get what I want. So I’m anxious to practice with it again.

I also learned that I have really trashed my Rokinon 14mm more than I ever thought and have some ugly scratches that really give me weird light artifacts at f/10+. Plus spots. So that lens is toast I guess.

But mostly I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed the rail a lot and the results I got with it. Can’t wait to use it more. The eMotimo is a lot of fun for big panning shots.

I really want to do a long project now of timelapsing for a year or more of a certain subject, like Arizona landscapes, etc., and put that together into a nice long film. A separate beast from my summer storm series.

Hope you enjoy this very brief taste of Death Valley.

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