I don’t know why, but seeing a yard go from dirt to beautiful green grass is good for the soul. At least, it’s good for my soul. We bought this house back in October. It had two giant, messy, ugly trees in the front and dirt. That was it.

In the last month we’ve planted trees, put in sprinklers and prepared everything for this day. The day we lay sod.

It all happened last Saturday. It was actually a blast. My buddies Matt, Ryan, Nathan…my dad, my landscaper and myself, all busted it out in around 90 minutes or so. It wasn’t hard work really, it was kinda fun to piece it all together.

Had a ton of fun timelapsing this. I knew right away I wanted to do it on the roof, but the problem would be the shady parts versus the baked-in-sun parts at the same time. I decided to expose for the sun and use Lightroom to bring out the super shady areas in post-processing. It worked pretty well, although there is noise/grain in the shadow areas early on.

Technical notes: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 17-40mm f/4 L, Pixel Intervalometer…four second intervals and then every second towards the end when the kids were playing.

All we could do afterwards was stand around and talk about how great everything suddenly looking. Even the house itself looked better. Thanks to all my buddies for helping, to my dad for his strategy at the beginning of getting everything roped off and even, and then to my wife for nabbing the breakfast burritos!

Hope you enjoy!

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