A few months back I made the announcement that I was moving in a different direction with my fine art prints. I wanted to start offering limited edition images from my more popular photographs. But mostly, I wanted to offer high-quality, classic prints for people that would work anywhere. I always find that new stuff comes out and we get excited about it…but it’s the classic stuff that stays with us. While I am offering metal prints, I am stoked about these mounted and matted editions that are signed and on uber awesome papers.

Today I’m announcing two more limited edition prints. I wanted to put something out there in time for Christmas and I thought nothing would be better than finally doing an awesome version of the July 5th, 2011 haboob/dust storm that helped put Arizona weather on the map.

This is a brand new image, newly processed and never before released as a still image. It is a frame from the timelapse I captured that evening. There were 233 total images in that sequence and this is #150, taken at 7:55:08pm.

So in essence it’s one photograph, but I wanted to offer it not only in color, but also black and white. I personally love monochrome images, but this storm still demands you see it in color because of all the hues of blue and gray and brown and then the city lights.

Here is the scoop on each of these prints:

Every print is made to order. They are printed locally here in Phoenix and inspected upon completion. This photograph is a 16×24 printed on Giclee photo rag paper for amazing archival fine art quality with a matte finish. Print is sprayed with a protective coating to prevent scratches.  Photos are then mounted on 1/8th inch foam core and that is mounted on a 24×30 pure white mat. Prints are signed by Mike Olbinski, along with a story and other information on the back of the print.  Prints also comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

This is the first time I’ve offered something on photo rag and I love it. I of course printed a sample for myself at my local printer and love the quality and style of these fine art Giclee prints. This image is a grainy one already, so it lends itself perfectly to this kind of printing.

Quantities for this release (click links to purchase the print):

Each print is $500

Below are the two images I’m releasing. Below that you can see an actual photograph of the Giclee print itself, unmatted.



And here is the print itself (Again, this is unmounted, unmatted):


Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. If you have shipping questions or want to pick up the print/have it delivered, let me know that as well.

Thanks so much!

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