This storm evolved so fast that I wish I had been timelapsing it from the first moment I saw it. The right side looked like a shelf cloud at first and then changed and warped into this rounded shell appearance and suddenly the blue hail color really took over.

As the cell died, it sent an outflow towards me and it started raining, so we packed up. You can see the outflow clouds hit me in the first clip of the timelapse.

I’ve rarely done two timelapses of the same cloud, but I was trying to shoot lightning at the same time. I ended up pointing the 50mm towards the inflow section of the storm and locked down the shutter release. This actually got me frames faster than once per second, so it looked incredibly smooth. Also, for the first time ever I used the “Twist-lens” method with the Canon 50mm 1.2 and wow, that works beautifully. No flicker, even at f/18. A wonderful thing.

Plus there is a ton of lightning in that second clip…very cool.

This kind of motion in a monsoon storm is rare to see…I’ve never gotten anything like it before. It was incredibly beautiful and awesome and a wee bit nerve-wracking. Although I knew it wasn’t tornadic or anything, I figured the outflow winds could be super strong. Plus a lightning strike hit just in that field about 1/4 mile away when I was packing up!

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