The amazing people from The Weather Channel had emailed me in June about doing an episode of their upcoming “Destination Uncharted” web series. I was totally down of course, but weeks went by and I didn’t hear much and wasn’t sure it was going to happen. In fact, as it got into July I had completely forgotten about it.

But then on July 2nd a guy named Greg called me up and asked if I was able to fly out to New York the very next day. And it was already 1pm in the afternoon! Holy crap. I talked to my wife briefly, who said “Why wouldn’t you?”  and so of course I told them I would. I didn’t want to be gone long though, because I’m headed to Africa for 10-days on the 11th and just don’t want to be away from my family if I can help it. Plus it’s storm chasing season as well.

So a crazy trip happened. I slept maybe two hours, woke up at 4am, got on a 6am flight to Newark, landed at 2pm, took a taxi to Manhattan, got to the Weather Channel at 3:15, we talked a bit, they had lunch waiting for me, we filmed, signed some stuff and by that time it was 5:15 and my flight home was at 8:30! They got me a town car which took me to JFK, and I ended up getting home around 11:30 that night. Whew. What a day. Drained to say the least.

But it was oh so fun. The people there were great…Katie, Greg…even Laura the makeup girl who gave me the biggest compliment ever…she said I didn’t really NEED much makeup. Haha…wow. I felt like a VIP, was treated amazingly and will cherish the experience forever. Heck, they even had my July 5th Haboob photo hanging in their hallway next to some other amazing imagery. So proud of that.

The episode will be released online around August 12th and I will of course share it here and various other place. It’s about dust storms, how they form and why people might want to see one before they die.

I can’t post anything without including photos, so below are the brief images I shot from the plane, from the cab, from the front of the building and from the town car. I wish I had more time, but I was glad I was able to get back home quickly. It was a beautifully rainy afternoon when I landed…loved it.

All of this is processed with the new VSCO Film 3…brilliant stuff, really digging the B&W preset for the ones below.




















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