I’ve been wanting to try a Brenizer Method photograph for awhile now…I’ve seen it done very well by some of my photographer buddies and being in such a beautiful place with Tyler and Drew…I felt like it was time to give it a shot. We did their session up in Prescott, Arizona and it was a gorgeous 84 degrees out!

This is a stitch done in Photoshop of 80 separate images shot with a Canon 50mm set at f/1.4. I was literally standing right in front of them. The first image I took only includes from her elbow up to just above her head. And then you just pan around shooting as much information as you can and getting as wide as you need to in order to make a nice, normal composed image.

But the beauty of a Brenizer shot like this is you get this incredibly blurred background that would be impossible with a single photo at this distance. Really dig the effect and may have to use it more!

Tyler and Drew

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