Emma & Brian | Promo Video Shoot

I may not have mentioned it before, but since last November, I’ve been working with Alejandra from Imaginale on my first ever promotional video! It’s super exciting and I cannot wait to see the final product hopefully around a month from now. But when you do a promo video, it’s not something that just “happens” overnight. You want to pick the right moments, the right people, the right situations to really tell the story of who you are.

Emma and Brian were married late in November and it ended up not working out schedule-wise to have Alejandra there. But I always knew this was the couple I wanted in my promo video. Their love for each other is genuine and real, and it comes across that way on photos. And video.

So in late March we were having problems finding the right wedding for Alejandra to film for me, plus scheduling, and it was starting to look like we would never finish filming! Ale came up with the idea of just staging a shoot with two awesome people, and I immediately thought of Emma and Brian.

I never believed they’d go for it. But when I emailed them the idea of getting dressed up in their wedding clothes again and getting a few more pictures, they were THRILLED to help out! I mean, wow! I had no idea they would react that way and suddenly I knew this video would end on a high note.

I owe much to Jessica Gallegos, a makeup/hair stylist who works at Leidan Mitchell Salon & Spa. She agreed to help us out and I can’t thank her enough! Emma looked amazing!

Thanks of course to Emma and Brian for all their support and kindness in wanting to help me finish them. They will always be special to me! And I hope I keep running into them at other weddings 🙂 And of course thank you to Alejandra for the location we used…so amazing, the light was beautiful.

Also…we wanted a bouquet, but that didn’t happen, so they brought the next best thing: A bow and some arrows. Right??? Awesome!

Most of the time we were filming so this isn’t my usual array of photos that I might do on a real wedding portrait or engagement session, but I liked a few and had to post! Hope you enjoy!
























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