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When I started really getting into photography, one of my goals naturally was to get published in Arizona Highways. If you live in Arizona, it’s THE magazine to get into out here. It’s a part of our state’s history.

This marks the second time I’ve made it into this wonderful magazine! The first time was my July 5th Haboob photo which landed in their 100-year issue in 2012. That was a treat!

In their April 2013 issue they are using a photo of mine from Two Guns, Arizona. This was taken a few years ago on a little excursion I did with some buddies. The spot I was in to actually shoot the bridge was heavy with vegetation and took awhile to get to. I’m glad I did though! I loved the perspective of looking upwards at this very old bridge long with the ruins of an adobe house.

You can see the full image here.

Many thanks to Jeff Kida and the guys/gals at Arizona Highways for using this one!

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