Hey everyone! I’m so pleased to announce the latest edition of my annual storm chasing photobook is now available! Above this you can see a little preview of the book. There are a total of 76 pages and this time around there is no text (other than the intro), just beautiful photo after photo…even a handful of full-page spreads!

You can buy it directly from Blurb or pre-order it for local pickup if you live in Phoenix. PLEASE read below so you know for sure which method you want!

For two weeks the book will only be $65, but then it’s jumping to $75. I upgraded the paper this year to get something a bit nicer and thicker, so hopefully you enjoy that!



1. LOCAL PICKUP + Signed Copy! (order by December 6th)

If you live in Phoenix and can pick up the book locally on DECEMBER 16th, then you should select the button below. I will be signing these copies and handing them out on the 16th from our downtown Phoenix house. There is NO SHIPPING fees for this either, just the $65.

If you want to use this method, click the button below! This option is only available until December 4th so that I can get the books in time for the 16th. I may allow for another round of orders for December 22nd pickup if demand is high 🙂


2. NON-LOCAL Purchase

If you do not live in Phoenix, or cannot make the December 16th pickup, then you can buy the book directly from Blurb and have it shipped right to your house. There is plenty of time to get it for Christmas.
Click here to buy right from Blurb.

3. E-Book

There is also an e-book version right here!
One of the images in the book!

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