The monsoon is winding down and last night I figured the brief sunset we had might have been a quiet farewell to the 2012 season.

But this evening…we had a slow moving storm which was kind of “training” as it moved south, the top of it blowing off to the southeast. Caught in this timelapse is a microburst up in Deer Valley which caused all kind of damage to trees and a mobile home park.

We technically have a few weeks left in the monsoon season, but the weather experts are talking about how it’s winding down. Tonight might have been one of the most epic ways for it to say goodbye.

I was watching it on radar during the afternoon, and I kept peeking my head out. Finally I knew I had to go, this thing wasn’t completely dying out and I knew I had an hour before the sun went down. I hit up my 2nd favorite parking garage and started firing off frames.

It was amazing. I was going nuts taking photos with the other camera. I love the end when the left edge of the storm launches up some final towers. The third one on the right goes straight up at the end and is the last little bit to have any color.

I hope the season isn’t over…but if so…this was a great way to end it.

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