Chris and Gretchen feel like old friends. The first time I met them, we spent roughly a hour talking about their wedding and then two hours of them showing me the coolest places in downtown Phoenix, like The Roosevelt, Carly’s Bistro and the Film Bar. I remember walking into the Roosevelt with them and the waitress brought beers without them even seeing her.

I guess that’s what amazing about these two. Everyone feels like their friend. And that made this wedding extra special for me. Yes, of course the fact that it was at The Icehouse ramped up the coolness factor. Definitely one of the more awesome venues in town. And the details/decorations by Angelic Grove were simply amazing.

But what made it extra awesome was that you felt like a part of the wedding. They made every vendor feel special. The day didn’t feel rushed or busy. It was like hanging out with friends at a party. I don’t know that I’ve ever been that relaxed at a wedding before. Heck, I never drink at weddings, even when the bride and groom beg me, but I had a beer towards the end of this one. Felt like the thing you do when you’re chillin’ with friends.

Also adding to the day was Gretchen’s son Spencer. I helped him tie his slightly-too-big tie. He was such a good boy and a total rock star. Walking his mom down the aisle, being brave. And the biggest moment of all…saying “And they lived happily ever after” into the microphone right after Chris and Gretchen kissed. I think everyone was crying.

C & G, thanks so much for letting me shoot this for you guys. Everyone there was absolutely amazing to me personally and I’ve never felt so welcomed and loved at something like this before. I will cherish it for a very long time. I hope we meet up again real soon! And I hope your time in Bisbee was fantastic.

I definitely need to thank Jeff Ambrose for once again shooting with me. And to my lovely wife Jina, who ran the photobooth (you can see those photos here).

Please enjoy some music by Blaine Long, who performed live at the wedding, and The Nadas. The first track is a song Blaine wrote specifically for Chris and Gretchen (how awesome is that???) and the second is a track by the Nadas that they had played at the wedding. I always post a lot of pictures, so there’s two songs to get you through this one! Blaine’s music is soooo good, and he’s a local guy here in Phoenix, so please check out his work too!

[audio:,|titles=Love Love Love,The Nadas|artists=Blaine Long,The Nadas]


Flowers/Decor – Angelic Grove
Catering – Copper Square Kitchen
Make-up – Linda Wagner
Hair: Ruca, owner of Hautie Rouge
Venue: Icehouse Art Project
Musicians: Blaine Long (vocals and guitar) and Brad Dilli (harmonica)
Dress from Lillian Lottie Couture, alterations by Sister n Stitches
After Dress: Vintage by Misty
Rehearsal food: Carly’s Bistro

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