You never know what kind of weather you’ll get out here in Arizona. People love it because of the 300+ days of sunshine make outdoor weddings easy to plan without much worry about rain or storms. Especially when you schedule one in the spring where the monsoons are a long ways off still.

But this is the desert and things change quickly. The weekend before Amanda and Brandon’s wedding, it was almost 90 degrees. But when they woke up on their wedding day, it was windy, cold and a chance of rain was in the air. They were worried about the reception, which was going to be in the backyard of a home up in Scottsdale. They brought in heaters. They prayed for no rain.

Some sprinkles showed up, but all in all, the day was perfect. Yeah, there was some wind and it was cold…but on the bright side, we got some very chivalrous photos of Brandon draping his jacket over his new bride!

The ceremony took place at the beautiful Highlands Church up in Scottsdale. We did the first look along a pretty little walkway with iron doors off in the distance, a feature Amanda loved. They were so cute when they finally got to see each other.

The night wrapped up at their pastor’s house in gorgeous backyard reception. A brownie tower for a wedding cake! Brandon singing a surprise song to his wife! Dancing! Sparklers!

So happy for these two…their love for each other was incredible to see. I’m so honored to have been a part of their day for a little bit. I wish them both the very, very best!

And thank you to Rachel Esarey for second shooter with me. I’ll be shooting her wedding in just 10 days!

(you can scroll down through the photos, or you can click this first one and navigate with your arrow keys for a little slideshow!)

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