A Brooklyn bench

Brooklyn Bench - Dumbo

(please click to view on black // canon 5d mark ii, canon 16-35mm 2.8 l, 17mm, f/8.0, iso 100, 46 sec, b+w 10-stop filter  // buy print)

I left New York last October with a bunch of photos, but I’ve always come back to this guy as one of my favorites. I dig leading lines…or just lines in general, and this boardwalk along DUMBO had them aplenty. The boards themselves, the railings, the benches…and then the massive Manhattan Bridge in the background.

This is a long exposure processed simply with #VSCOFILM. Thanks again to my buddy Rick Young for letting me borrow his B+W 10-stop and drag it not only to New York, but also on a follow-up trip to Oregon. That dude is one of the best people I know.

I have a bunch of other random shots from NYC and at some point soon I plan on throwing the rest of them into one giant blog post. It’s probably about time.

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  1. Rick Louie
    Rick Louie says:

    I like the VSCO processing on this image. I’m going to have give VSCO a try. That’s a nice place to capture the skyline. i’m hoping to get back out to DUMBO next week to do some more shooting.

  2. Toad Hollow Photo
    Toad Hollow Photo says:

    This is a wonderful shot, Mike, I share your love of great leading lines and totally love the ones you’ve captured here! And your expression of the famous bridge in the backdrop there is spot on my friend, I absolutely love it!

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