Thank you.

Never have those two words been so unable to express how my wife and I feel this morning.

It all started with a simple plea for help. And then we saw something happen that we did not expect.

By the middle of the afternoon, we had already raised 50% of our goal of $9000. We never thought we’d get halfway in the first day. But then people got home from work. And logged onto Facebook. And suddenly we were watching this miracle happen. It could only have been God’s doing.

What was amazing was all the people who were pulling for us and felt like they were invested in the outcome. From texts, phone calls and emails, we knew of so many people hanging out on this website, reloading the blog post, watching the total keep going up. Cheering for it. Crying.

One of my buddies said he kept yelling out the total to his wife across the house. All evening.

Then somewhere around 10:00pm last night we hit our goal. And then we passed it. People kept giving. And are still donating through this morning. In fact, as of right now, we’re almost $1,000 over what we asked.

I don’t even know how that’s possible. In 13 hours…our families, friends…and complete and utter strangers, donated over $9,000.

To us, it was a symbol of selflessness, community and definitely God’s goodness.

Thank you doesn’t feel like enough… definitely not proportional. But right now, it’s all we’ve got.

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