One of my favorite things about photographing weddings comes way before the actual day. The first time I meet a couple, I get to find out their stories. How they met. Where they went on their first date. How he proposed. The stuff that brought them to this point. Of course you only get a small slice of that story, but it’s amazing how different they always are.

Elaina and Caleb met playing a computer game. Ultima Online. I remember hearing about that game, but never playing it. They got to know each other better, phone calls happened, but they never met. Not for a long time. I hope I have my facts straight, but it was something like five years before they decided to meet in person. And the story of why they finally met is so sweet. But it’s not mine to tell.

Let’s just say…they finally knew they were meant for each other.

I’d been excited for the wedding ever since meeting these guys. They were both just so much fun and laid back, I knew it was going to be a great time. They had family coming in from all over…Elaina’s was from New York. It was a small wedding, but you could tell the friends and family there loved these two immensely.

I had such a blast hanging out with them for the day. They were so relaxed, everyone in the wedding party was incredibly friendly and the parents were some serious dancers. You can check out some of the shots of Elaina’s father cutting a rug below. Some of the moves he made would likely have blown out my knees if I tried them!

Thank you guys for letting me be a part of this amazing chapter in your lives. I wish you both incredible happiness and many more hours of online gaming!

Second shooter – Rachel Esarey

Wedding coordinator: Will Zecco

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