The 2011 Edition is Here!

After the 2010 monsoon season, I put together a photo-journal of my stormchasing adventures. It ended up being a lot more work than I thought it would. Writing, re-writing, editing, proofing not just by myself but by my wife and a friend as well, and then getting a test copy and finding a few more mistakes and then finally being done. It was a long process, and I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to do it again.

But the goal initially was to produce one of these books every fall, and when I asked my buddy Bryan this past September… “Do you think I should do one again?” he replied:

Why wouldn’t you?

That kicked my butt into gear. I had a lot of words to write and a lot of pictures to show. A summer with over 2,000 miles put on my truck just from chasing. An incredible amount of lightning photos. Haboobs! A funnel cloud! And even some pre-monsoon images of snow on the Four Peaks and one of my favorite places in the state, Grand Falls.

All told, this book is bigger and better than the first one. It’s once again called “Stormchasing Arizona” and is available in hardcover or as an eBook for your iPad!

Details of the book:

  • Image wrap cover this time, no dust jacket
  • 80 pages (24 more than last year)
  • 100+ images (over 25 more than last year!)
  • Chase by chase accounts of where I went, why, a few tips, my strategies, the people I chased with, those who helped me from afar, those who supported my efforts and a lot more.
I’m incredibly proud of this edition. I think you’ll be blown away by the raw power of nature and the stunning beauty of Arizona.

Click here to buy it!